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Island Style - About Me


I have lived on the coast of New South Wales (Australia) for most of my life and love the coast, the surf and the beach. I have spent a lot of time in Hawaii especially but also New Guinea, Bali and Samoa and love the atmosphere, the people, the tropical scents and the colour.   My family also have a lifelong interest in surfing and it's origins in the islands of Hawaii.  My husband has also spent time in other tropical areas such as Fiji, The Mentawais and The Maldives. We just love those tropical islands - there's such a great holiday feeling.

My husband and I have both spent a lot of time in Samoa and grew to love the people, their amazing culture and handicrafts. We really appreciate the time we spent there.  The villagers, mostly the women, use coconut fronds and coconut shell to create all sorts of jewellery and other handicrafts such as woven bags and baskets.

As a result of our travels and seeing all the jewellery and beautiful handicrafts I decided to start selling some of these products. I love Hawaiian shirts, sarongs and frangipani leis.  I felt that the easiest way to reach the biggest number of people and keep the prices competitive was to do this via the internet. So I set up Island Style Designs -

We can't all live on a tropical island but we can feel as though we do. What I aim to do is bring the tropical life, the casual relaxed lifestyle, as well as some incredible handicrafts and some of the history of surfing to you.