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Eddie Would Go is a comprehensive story of Eddie Akiau, a Hawaiian hero, written by Stuart Holmes Coleman. "This is the only biography of one of Hawaii's greatest heroes. Eddie Aikau was a humble man who was larger than life. As a surfer, he rode the biggest waves in the world; as a lifeguard he saved hundreds of lives from the North Shore's treacherous waters: and as a proud Hawaiian, he sacrificed his life to save his fellow sailors aboard the voyaging canoe Hokulele'a. .......... it also tells the story of modern Hawaii and Eddie's role in the Hawaiian Renaissance during the 1970s. The book is based on numerous interviews with family and friends, along with Hawaii's leading watermen and scholars, and Coleman weaves together their memories in an exciting and informative story. By exploring his legendary life and legacy, this book will show why Eddie has become such an enduring icon in Hawaii and the surfing world." ... read more... read more

Duke A Great Hawaiian by Sandra Kimberley Hall. This is a beautiful little book with a foreword by Wilmer C. Morris who the Duke taught to swim when he was five years old and who says "this world celebrity remained true to his old-fashioned upbringing and the values learned in his youth. He was always honest and humble, modestly aware of his impact on people. At his core he was Hawaiian". He describes him as a magnificent Polynesian, a natural leader and the ultimate authority when conflicts arose on Waikiki Beach. His 20 years of Olympic competition put Hawaii on the map. This book is an interesting story of the Duke's life, Hawaiian history and photos of Hawaiian royalty, the Duke, Hawaii in the late 1800s and early 1900s, the boys from the Outrigger Canoe Club, Waikiki and Diamond Head and more.

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