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Shell Jewellery, Hawaiian Leis, Sarongs

Talofa, aloha and malo

In any language, hello and welcome to my tropical island inspired website.  Wouldn't you like to live that tropical lifestyle which you have only dreamed of?  My website is the easiest way for you to do it.

If you like frangipanis (or plumerias), all things tropical, a relaxed lifestyle and can't get to the islands yourself then let me bring all this to you. You can feel as though you are living in a tropical paradise, permanently on holiday.  Surround yourself with wonderful Polynesian and Indonesian handicrafts and an interesting range of island products, many from the South Pacific.   Revisit some of the history of surfing from Hawaii with my wonderful books on The Duke and Eddie Aikau. Relax and enjoy.
I have beautiful shell jewellery from Bali, Hawaii and Samoa, silver jewellery and more - exotic sarongs and Hawaiian shirts, Samoan tapa cloth, handcarved Samoan ava (kava) bowls, soaps and lotions from the islands and some that are all-Australian - a variety of accessories for you and small tropical homewares.  I also have amazing frangipani leis for weddings or parties or just because you like them.
Check out my shell jewellery,unique silver jewellery, pearls, pearls and more pearls -  the entire product range. Head to the shopping cart, place your order and I'll do the rest as quickly as possible.  So now, let's go shopping!

I am totally committed to quality, service and security for my customers.  To see comments from some of my happy customers please click on testimonials.  If you have any comments or queries please contact